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Directed by James Neilson

Writing credits::
Albert Sidney Fleischman (novel)

Lowell S. Hawley
Plot summary:: Bullwhip Griffin is neither adventurous nor known as "Bullwhip." He's simply Griffin (Eric Griffin, to be precise), the butler of a wealthy family in mid-19th century Boston. Only the Flagg family isn't as wealthy as previously thought. The hundreds of thousands left in the will of the recently-deceased paterfamilias are really just a big post-mortem joke from Grandpa. Not only are there not thousands of dollars to be had, but the Flaggs are flat broke.
Upon hearing this news, Jack Flagg decides he'll be heroic and return prosperity and good fortune to his family, which appears to be just older sister Arabella and a staff whose services are no longer needed. Jack runs off and quickly finds himself upon a boat destined for San Francisco and its alluring promise of gold. In the process of retrieving his adolescent master, Griffin winds up on the same boat and before he can instill some sense, the ship takes off with the two ticket-less accidental passengers aboard.
When they're not delighting the captain with culinary concoctions (a position taken on to cover their fare), Griffin and Jack are meeting a couple of interesting characters. One is a fledgling actor named Quentin Bartlett who tells them with no shortage of drama about his prized possession: a map to golden treasure. Another is the conniving Judge Higgins, who is as shrewd as he is unjust. All four wind up in San Francisco, with Judge Higgins in possession of the treasure map and a head start. Though Griffin, Jack, and Bartlett are in search of their nemesis and their much-needed riches, plenty of unconventional twists complicate the plot and offer not unwelcome diversions. In one such encounter, Griffin sets up shop as a barber in the middle of the town's path and finds a large audience willing to pay. In another, a gargantuan local known as Mountain Ox demands a haircut and winds up unconscious and still unshaven.
Roddy McDowall .... Eric 'Bullwhip' Griffin

Suzanne Pleshette .... Arabella Flagg

Karl Malden .... Judge Higgins

Harry Guardino .... Sam Trimble

Richard Haydn .... Quentin Bartlett

Hermione Baddeley .... Irene Chesney

Bryan Russell .... Jack Flagg

Liam Redmond .... Capt. Swain

Cecil Kellaway .... Mr. Pemberton

Joby Baker .... Bandido leader

Gil Lamb .... Mover

Mike Mazurki .... Mountain Ox

Alan Carney .... Joe Turner (bartender)

Parley Baer .... Chief Executioner

Arthur Hunnicutt .... Referee





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